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TheBarrelOutlet.com is your source for Custom Precision Rifle Barrels for Savage, as well as Remington and Remage replacement rifle barrels.  The Barrel Outlet features a fast turn-around for new barrels.  We currently offer McGowen Precision button rifled barrels and our sister company CarbonSix offers custom carbon fiber rifle barrels.  Both are insanely accurate and fully backed by the manufacturers.  To learn more about our process, and what we have to offer, click here.


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Cerakote Your New Barrel

December 12th, 2016|0 Comments

Finally, a coating that performs as well as our barrels! The Barrel Outlet is proud to offer Cerakote coatings as an option for your new precision barrel.  We stock the most [...]

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McGowen Precision Barrels – Button Rifled Accuracy

McGowen Precision Barrels was formed in 2007 from the mothballed equipment of Mr. Harry McGowen.  The processes have changed and modernized and the barrels are even more accurate.  The McGowen button rifling process, attention to detail, and top quality materials create one of the most accurate barrels on the market and at a very attractive price.  The Barrel Outlet specializes in the semi custom process only.  We do not stock ready-to-ship finished barrels, nor do we offer FULL customization.  We strive to provide fast turn-around on the most popular and common configurations.

Build Your McGowen Barrel

the barrel outlet carbonsix carbon fiber barrelscarbonsix – Carbon Fiber Rifle Barrels

Looking for ultimate performance coupled with significant weight reduction?  Carbonsix barrels are just what you need.  Based on the same, match grade McGowen Precision Barrel blanks as our regular barrels, but much lighter.  Select from a world of ever-expanding options to build your dream barrel.  Just don’t let it float away!  Need proof our carbon fiber barrels shoot?  With proper load development, you can expect to get 1/2 MOA results.   Click the button below to start building your perfect light-weight rifle barrel. 

Build Your carbonsix Barrel

Do You Stock Ready-To Ship Finished Barrels? (Prefits)

Replacement Savage Barrels from The Barrel Outlet

The Barrel Outlet Does Not Stock Pre-Fit Barrels.

We inventory a selection of ready to finish barrel blanks.   If you would like to shop for prefit barrels, please visit McGowenBarrel.com or PrecisionCutBarrels.com for their current inventory.  We also do not offer all contours, calibers, twists or calibers.  More will be added as inventory demands, but these options are considered “FULL CUSTOM,” and are to be ordered directly from the manufacturers.  The Barrel Outlet does however specialize in “semi-custom” barrels shipped to you lightening fast!  Check our the build-a-barrel pages to craft your perfect McGowen or Precision Cut Savage barrel and have it delivered in just weeks!  Enjoy same short delivery time or Remington Barrels and Remage Barrels!